This presentation, by public speaker Wai H. Tsang, examines some of the most powerful revolutionary movements of the past Millenium, ranging from the Revolutions in America, France, Turkey and the English Civil War; to the Chinese Taiping and White Lotus Revolutions. And from Marxism and the rise of the Nazi Party to various revolutions that have occurred in Islam. We discover two common factors which keep recurring in all of these political case studies. They are firstly, the so called Apocalypse or Prophetic Archetype (Also found in modern myths such as Star wars, Dune, The Lord of the Rings and the Matrix); secondly we keep discovering the influence of Esoteric Religion and Mystical Beliefs.

The Talk shows why the incorporation of the Apocalypse Archetype and Esoteric Religion into the above Revolutionary Movements may have been instrumental to their effectiveness and even critical to why some of these revolutions were able to be successful in overthrowing the respective incumbent powers they challenged. The potential relevance of these ideas is discussed in relation to present times. We discover a tried and tested revolutionary template; or recipe for instigating dramatic changes in the social, political and economic realms.